Hydration & endurance Grape
Hydration & endurance Grape

Hydration & endurance Grape

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Hydrafuel D-BHB Ketone Electrolytes Grape

If you’re keto and need a supplement that supplies a balanced, complete source of electrolytes, Grape Hydration makes sustaining ketosis simple. This blend helps to support your nervous system and provides our highest dose of MCT to fuel your fat-burning metabolism! Recommended dose of 2 stick packs daily, 4-6 hours apart for long-term benefits.  

We don’t talk enough about ketones.
Everyone knows about glucose as an energy source to run our bodies. The majority of the population depends on it for fuel but what most people don’t realize is that it’s extremely inefficient. Why? The answer is simple: glucose is easily accessible. Because it’s found in the types of sugary, carb-filled foods and beverages that pack the shelves of stores everywhere, it has become normalized as an ideal go-to for quick energy. On the other hand, ketones have been a sacred resource only available to those practicing a strict keto diet. Until now.

The keto diet encourages a metabolic shift into ketosis, a process that enables your body to create ketones for energy. When you enter ketosis, it causes your body to naturally burn fat to keep itself running. This generally results in weight loss and other incredible benefits, but not without cost. The restrictive lifestyle required to limit your intake of carbohydrates can cause stress on your mind and body, making it unsustainable for most people.

Exogenous ketones are here to help.
These ketones are bioidentical to the D-BHB ketone your body makes, but are created with natural components in a lab instead of in your liver, allowing you to experience the benefits of ketones without all the drawbacks of restrictive diet and lifestyle changes. Pure, clean exogenous ketones fuel your body and propel you into the fat-burning state of ketosis. And now they’re in Real Ketones Hydration. A tasty drink that quenches your thirst and also aids in fat burning? Yes! And that is only the beginning of the benefits of Real Ketones Hydration!

Exogenous ketones are bound to 4 key electrolytes (potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sodium) which provide superior hydration to allow your nerves to effectively transmit their signals to enhance performance and recovery!

Having balanced electrolytes also has anti-aging effects such as promoting skin elasticity and suppleness, reducing fine lines and wrinkles!